Monday, July 06, 2020
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Address Data

Notary Office
Czesława Kołcun - Notary
ul. Ogrodowa 9 lok. 19
00-893 Warsaw

(22) 620-42-31
fax: (22) 620-41-06

IN VAT: PL5270150143

Adres e-mail Kancelarii Notarialnej w Konstantynowie Łódzkim
Adres www Kancelarii Notarialnej w Konstantynowie Łódzkim

Working hours:
Monday: 9.00-18.30
Tues.-Fri.: 9.00-16.30



In accordance with Article. 79 of the Act of 14 February 1991 - Law on Notaries (Dz.U. 2002.42.369) make the following steps:

  • preparation of notarial deeds,
  • drafting of succession certificate,
  • preparation of credentials:
    • handmade signature
    • compatibility copy, extract or copy with the ID shown
    • date of production of the document
    • person to remain alive or in a particular place
  • delivery of statements,
  • enumeration protocols (eg. general meetings, civic organizations, companies),
  • drawing protests of bills and checks,
  • reception for safekeeping of documents, money and securities,
  • preparation of extracts, copies and extracts from documents,
  • drafting of acts, statements and other documents.

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